Web Link Panzanella Bread Salad

Panzanella was liked by Bronzino, a Florentine painter of 1500, adored panzanella to which he added the herb purslane (portulaca oleracea) a wild plant with thick fleshy leaves and a slightly acid taste, which is not used nowadays.

Web Link Aunt Vera’s Eggplant Meatballs

Aunt Vera Rappazzo is an excellent Italian cook whose family loves all the traditional Italian meals that she makes but especially her eggplant meatballs. This recipe will be enjoyed by one and all including ovo-lacto vegetarians.

Web Link Olive and Pepper Salad

Olives, peppers, garlic and anchovies make this an exciting side dish.

Web Link Cavolfiore Alla Siciliana

Sicilian-style cauliflower breaded and fried in olive oil.  Delicious.

Web Link Uncle Pete’s Caesar Salad

The classic ceasar salad as generally attributed to restaurateur Caesar Cardini, an Italian-born Mexican.